Bell-Northern Research (BNR)

Bell-Northern Research (BNR) was a telecommunications research and development organization that was eventually absorbed into Nortel. BNR was based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with campuses at locations around the world. Bell-Northern Research pioneered the development of digital technology, and created the first practical digital PBX, (SL1), and central office (DMS).

David Pierre Leibovitz worked at BNR/Nortel between 1988 and 2002

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Designer, Manager & Architect of Embedded Real-Time Software

nortel_logoDuring 19882002, David Pierre Leibovitz worked at Bell-Northern Research and Nortel in Ottawa. He architected human-computer interaction software based on a hierarchical knowledge representation for a complex adaptive real-time communication system.


Nortel PassportPositions

  • Manager
  • Software architect / domain expert
  • Team leader
  • Junior-Senior software analyst, designer, programmer, tester



  • DPN-100
  • Passport


  • Ottawa
  • Harlow