Snoring To Attention (poster)

Leibovitz, D. P. (2005) Snoring To Attention. Poster presented at the Cognitive Science Spring Conference of Carleton University, pp. 1-16, Ottawa, Canada. [doi10.13140/RG.2.1.1357.2324]

Abstract: Why don’t you hear your own snoring, while your partner does?

A Perceptual Learning and Matching System (PLMS) is hypothesized that pre-attends the auditory scene during sleep with the goal of classifying sounds into the background to be ignored or into the foreground which will cause arousal for further conscious action. It is also active while an individual is awake and is responsible for the automatic acquisition of capabilities such as non-conceptual linguistic components.

In the case of chaotic snoring sounds, the partner’s PLMS cannot detect a pattern and will awaken the partner, while the snorer’s PLMS will correlate the snoring sounds directly with the individual’s own breathing pattern and hence, ignore it.

The main purpose of this investigation is to understand the functional characteristics of PLMS during a sleep paradigm which is not confounded by consciousness nor rationality. PLMS is a hitherto new cognitive system not before studied.

A secondary purpose is to investigate whether the PLMS of the snorer’s partner can be trained to ignore the snoring sounds. Several experiments are proposed to verify this possibility. Partners of snorers may be more affected than the snorers themselves!


Motivation (handout)

Leibovitz, D. P. (2005) Motivation. Handout produced for the Writing Tutorial Service of Carleton University, pp. 1-4, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. [doi10.13140/RG.2.1.1618.3521]

Abstract: Writing an academic paper may seem like hiking up an unfamiliar mountain without a trail map. The total effort is immense, you don’t know the area, and you may not feel fit enough to handle the stress. There is also a maze of trails: some trails are interesting, some tiresome and some simply leading nowhere. Where should you start, how should you start, and is it possible to leave your own mark?

Here are a few motivational techniques and ideas to get you climbing…