Open-form thinking

Closed-form thinking leads to scientism (necessarily), while open-form thinking permits scientific progress. This is a mathematical certainty at a fundamental aspect of language (and meaning), theorizing and philosophizing.

However, it is historically unfortunate that humanity (and our language faculty) prefers, and is inundated by closed-form ideas. Being fundamental, the switch to open-form thinking will have an immense impact throughout academia and beyond, i.e., it affects decisions making everywhere. The open-form thinking project communicates these ideas to everyone aged 12 and up.

The open-form thinking project is similar to the Emergic Approach project. Historically,  the Emergic Approach came first and it spawned (and was subsequently informed by) open-form thinking. However, open-form thinking is at the fundamental level of language and how this relates to theorizing (and decision making) power. It also applies beyond academia. The Emergic Approach can be thought of as using open-form thinking for unifying modeling. The Emergic Approach is for a narrow academic audience while open-form thinking is for everyone.


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