MinIdent – A Mineral Data Base for Earth Scientists

Smith, D. G. W., & Leibovitz, D. P. (1986) MinIdent – A Mineral Data Base for Earth Scientists. U of A Computing Services Bulletin. 20(5): 11. [doi10.13140/RG.2.1.2404.7848] (pdf)

Smith & Leibovitz (1986) MinIdent - A Mineral Data Base for Earth ScientistsAbstract: MinIdent is a program written in FORTRAN 77 which enables an interactive mineral identification search. Data have been stored for about 4000 recognized mineral groups, species, and varieties. These data include composition, optical properties in transmitted and reflected light, symmetry, unit cell dimensions, densities, Vickers and Mohs hardness, d·values and relative intensities of the live strongest x-ray powder-diffraction lines, JCPDS numbers, polymorphs, if any, synonyms, if any, occurrences, localities, year first described, and the sources of the data. At present, some mineral records lack data in some fields; additions continue.


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