WikiSilo: A Self-organizing, Crowd Sourcing System for Interdisciplinary Science (poster)

Leibovitz, D. P., West, R. L. & Belanger, M. (2014) WikiSilo: A Self-organizing, Crowd Sourcing System for Interdisciplinary Science. Poster presented at the 36th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci 2014), Quebec City, Canada. [doi10.13140/2.1.3139.9048] (PDF)

Leibovitz, West & Belanger (2014) WikiSilo (Poster)Abstract: WikiSilo is a tool for theorizing across interdisciplinary fields such as Cognitive Science using a specific vocabulary and structure. It is designed to show if a particular cognitive theory is complete and coherent at multiple levels of discourse, and commensurable with and relevant to a wider domain of cognition. WikiSilo is also a minimalist theory and methodology about effectively doing science, and is therefore a form of epistemizing. WikiSilo theory provides for a disciplined exploration of explanatory space via an axiomatic hierarchy of epistemizing and ontologizing postulates. The WikiSilo tool, via a software version control system, supports the long term goal of working toward coherent and unified theories. More generally, WikiSilo facilitates self-organization leading to academic silos with well-defined conceptual frameworks that are vertically related as compared to poorly related ad-hoc academic fiefdoms.


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