WikiSilo bases and forksWikiSilo theory is a minimalist epistemology that supports a unifying discipline within academia. It is supported by the WikiSilo tool (from, and Wikimergic is its first client.


  • The Emergic Approach is loosely defined for unifying cognitive modeling.
  • Wikimergic (a product of the Emergic Approach) is used to document (or house) the abstract Emergic Approach. It includes WikiSilo components, and the concrete Emergic Cognitive Model.
  • WikiSilo becomes a minimalist version of the Emergic Approach for science in general. It is housed in the master root level 0 WikiSilo named Wikisilo at wikisilo,org, Simultaneously, Wikimergic has extensions of WikiSilo theory for unifying cognitive modeling.
  • Open-form thinking updates mostly Wikimergic, but WikiSilo as well. Wikimergic becoming suitable for unifying all of science, academia, general learning and decision making. A tool for unifying the world! Nevertheless, because it currently is concretized by ECM, it appears to be targeted for unifying computational modeling.


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