Wikimergic logoWikimergic is derived from the Emergic Approach to unified cognitive modeling. As a product, it forms a wiki and tool that can be used for unifying analysis and synthesis. More importantly, it can demonstrate a coherence of complex distributed conceptions. As a research line of inquiry, one asks how to make the most effective tool for the socializing of unification. David started Wikimergic in 2013.

Wikimergic is a top level WikiSilo, i.e., at level 1. Both are theories, methodologies, frameworks, tools and approaches for collaboratively unifying science. However, a WikiSilo is a minimalist and pure epistemology unconcerned with the nature of reality, while Wikimergic is used for explaining change, behaviour and time based on a fundamental mathematical/linguistic underpinning of open-form thinking.

Wikimergic houses the entire Emergic Approach, while WikiSilo house a compatible but minimalist outgrowth of the Emergic Approach. The root level WikiSilo (named Wikisilo) currently houses only WikiSilo theory, while Wikimergic is a top-level WikiSilo underneath vying for ultimate acceptance.

Wikimergic also houses WikiECM as a 2nd level WikiSilo, as the abstract is always better informed with a concrete model. So currently, Wikimergic has cognitive modeling examples, even though it is directed to unifying all of science in particular, and all decisions making in general (all of academia).



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