Wikimergic logoWikimergic is derived from the Emergic Approach to unified cognitive modeling. As a product, it forms a wiki and tool that can be used for unifying analysis and synthesis. More importantly, it can demonstrate a coherence of complex distributed conceptions. As a research line of inquiry, one asks how to make the most effective tool for the sociologizing of unification. David started Wikimergic in 2013.


  • The Emergic Approach was loosely formulated as an epistemology for unifying cognitive modeling. The Emergic Cognitive Model was a scientific theoretical product of the approach.
  • Wikimergic was a disciplining tool for documenting the Emergic Approach, but it included the future ECM and WikiSilo portions.
  • WikiSilo was spawn of as a minimalist disciplining and unifying epistemizing for all of science. If contained the master root level 0 WikiSilo, then Wikimergic became a top level 1 WikiSilo, and ECM a 2nd level WikiSilo. Wikimergic did not yet have the fundamental open-form thinking component.
  • Wikimergic becomes a general open-form thinking for science, academia and general learning and decision making,


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