Philosophy Behind the Cognitive Modelling of Virtual Eyeballs (talk)

Leibovitz, D. P. (2011) Philosophy Behind the Cognitive Modelling of Virtual Eyeballs. Talk presented at Carleton University, pp. 1-50, Ottawa, Canada. [doi10.13140/RG.2.1.4103.6003]

Abstract: David will demonstrate a virtual eyeball intended to model the Lilac Chaser illusion. In particular, he will talk about the philosophy behind his Emergic Approach to cognitive modelling. Topics may include:

  1. Cutting Nature at her Joints – What kind of Butcher do you want to be?
  2. Tri-Level hypothesis does more harm than good (Marr vs. Simon)
  3. What is a function, computation, behaviour or phenomena?
  4. Unification as constraining the 20 Questions posed to Mother Nature
  5. Emergence
  6. Top-Down Design vs. Bottom-Up Re-engineering

Emergic Approach LogoDavid’s intent is to demonstrate that philosophic considerations can positively influence theory construction. We are all influenced by philosophy – do we want to take charge of our path?


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